Thursday, January 7, 2010

Erosion Bundle Project.

I heard about this project on LOVE STITCHING RED and couldn't resist  giving it a go. Here is the link to the Erosion Blog where you can find out more.
I should have put more thought into what was going into my bundles, but sometimes I tend to think too much and never get anything done, so I just scouted around my very untidy workroom and put together some bundles, mostly fabric and threads of course :) I did follow a couple of links and looked at other bundle projects and got the idea to add a bit more organic matter, so grabbed my herb and spice jars on they way out to the workroom. I've put mustard seeds in one of them, might end up with with a big bundle of mustard plants LOL.

This one has the mustard seeds along with some scrim a letter from my mum, a mixed media piece that I didn't really like and other bits and pieces that I can't remember.

Paper bark, a polymer clay head, silk thread and black pepper corns with other bits and bobs.

This one has a big piece of harem cloth wrapped around another piece of paper bark, cinnamon sticks and paper pieces.

 And lastly some dyed muslin, thread, a little metal spade, gum leaves and nuts.

There are other things in the bundles too, even now I can't remember exactly what I put in so they will be a real surprise when I open them.

Having a very small yard it was going to  a challenge to find places to put them. One went into the wood pile which is under the ever growing pumpkin plant at the bottom of the garden, one is tied to the pole at the back of my veggie garden, another tied into the bush under our bedroom window, this is at the front  of the house an open to anyone walking past but is well hidden I think and the last is buried just inside the back gate. I'm so glad I took photo's and posted this as I'm sure I'm going to forget where they are !!
sorry the pics are a bit like find Wally pictures, see if you can find my parcels LOL.

I think there is a set date to reveal the bundles, but being in the southern hemisphere and summer time, I think I will have to leave mine longer, although it did rain a little while I was stowing them away, just have to wait and see what happens over the next few months.  Should be interesting !!


The WestCountryBuddha said...

This is an interesting project! I look forward to seeing how your's turns out...couldn't you chuck a bucket of water on them? I know it's cheating probably but would get them off to a good start!

Tracy said...

We're still getting a bit of light rain so that might help them, going to be interesting when it gets up to 35 next week. At least the one in the back of the veggie garden will get a watering:)


Hello YOU! Hello bundles! I'm so happy you are having a go at the bundle project. It will be fascinating to see what happens to yours! You have been very creative and thoughtful about what you've put inside and I don't think it matters that you are doing it in summer. It will be very interesting to compare the results between the different places around the world and different climates! I am sure that you will have plenty of inteesting material to play with at the end. I will prompt you when the date to open gets nearer

Hope your January is going well. Mine is "too" hectic at present but hopefully will calm down in February when I get a few things out the way!

Take care, have fun!
Carolyn x


How are your bundles doing? Mine have gone pink