Monday, May 13, 2013

Dyed Journal Covers.

I spent a lovely Saturday at Thorpes in Hunter Street presenting a dyed journal cover workshop.  The ladies dyed up some beautiful fabrics then added their own stamped designs. I love to see each individuals approach to using these stamps, the combinations and patterns they produce never cease to amaze me
 Here is the lovely Patricia waiting patiently while the dye does it thing.
You can find Patricia's blog here to read more about the day.

The vibrant fabric that came from the pots.

Then comes the fun but messy business of stamping.

Finally all those scrumptious pieces of fabric get cut up to make journal covers.

This is as far as we got on the day, far enough that they could be finished at home with some added embellishment if needed.

And here is Ceryll's finished journal cover

I must thank Cheryll for these photographs as I did not take a camera with me!
You can find her blog here, with lots to read and see.
Thank you to all the ladies that attended, I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A quick project using Goldens and Stuff

It has been hectic here and there are things I should be doing that aren't getting done but while having a coffee break the other day I came across this amazing person on you tube and after watching her mixed media bottle project thought "I have all that stuff out the back" so of course once the seed had been planted, I just had to go and have a try. 

 I have this old jar of brushes on my sculpting table which is a bit ordinary to say the least so this became my object for "the treatment"

I went looking for the mould I knew I had of the faces Rachel used, then thought, hang on I have a box of polymer clay bits with some faces I burnt earlier. There was also a pair of hands from a long abandoned project. The brain kept churning and I thought I might use some of the moulded paper pieces I have stashed away too and why not see what is left in the little blue box full of paper and card pieces from when I had my Cougar up and running for that brief period of time. So I ended up with the collection above and went about randomly chucking them at my pot.

Looks pretty ugly

Then the really fun part started when I added layers of different paints and medium.

Here is my finished pot, much more interesting than the empty coffee jar I started with.

All the different pieces really added some lovely texture.

And here is some of the "stuff" I used

You can watch the You tube video yourself and make sure you check out some of the wonderful things Rachel does. She also has a fascinating looking blog which I haven't had time to look at yet, that will have to wait for another day. Now I really must get back to the stuff I should be doing, my play time is over for now.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Printing from Carved Leather Blocks

Over the past couple of months both my work rooms have had a good clear out and revamp. One because of the acquisition of a sewing cabinet the other because of the presence of a well buried and extremely smelly dead furry thing. This second room has been used mainly for storage for a good long while and it was an enormous job clearing and sorting years of accumulated "stuff". But I have found things long lost and re discovered other things completely forgotten.
One of the things re discovered was a short paper I wrote on printing from carved leather blocks. I majored in printmaking at Uni and was asked to do this at the last minute as no one had used this technique before. I'm not saying it hasn't been done before, just not at this particular University, so here are some pictures of the carved leather blocks and the prints that resulted from them.

This was the first block I carved and as you can see from the prints below
could also be printed like a lino block.
To read more about the process go here

This is a large block so I can only show you what would fit on the scanner bed.
The prints below are of course reversed so you will see different parts of the block.
You will need to click on the pictures to see the full width as they will not show fully on the page.

No doubt you will recognise these characters inspired by a well know illustrator and author.
If you look at the three characters below you will notice that they are holding a brush, pick axe and print roller, the hierarchy of the art department.

Unfortunately I have one, not very good print left from these blocks.
Don't forget, you can go here to read more about printing from leather carvings. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Long Absence

Well another year has gone by and another well and truly here. I had a very slow end to last year and slower still start to this year, but everything back on track now. Here are a few pictures of some of the things I actually finished, started or abandoned, doesn't seem so bad really.

A new colour combo which produced some of my favourite colours yet.

New system for storing all my dyed bits.

A box for my seeds

Some other book / boxes.

An online workshop I actually completed, all hand dyed of course and my first attempt with Darwi clay.

Another workshop started and still and a long way to go.

Kit bought ready for a workshop beginning in March.

My work table full of unfinished bits, although that bright orange and yellow bird is now white.

 A lost project finished.

Since taking these pictures, much has been happening in my work space. I will show you what very soon.