Monday, November 5, 2012

A Quick Trip to Cania

We have just had another relaxing week up at Cania Dam, the dam is still full and looking beautiful although the fish are still hard to find.

We stayed in the bottom cottage and this tree was full of red flowers and birds, but of course as soon as I went any where near it with a camera, they all disappeared.

The wetter weather means more feed around and for the first time we saw emu's. This father and his chicks were living just outside the dam gates.

We went for a drive up to Krombit tops again to try out the new 4WD and to have a break from fishing. There are 26 creek crossing to get to the plane crash site and only the week before all 26 had water in them. We only encountered two and they were only puddles much to the boys disappointment. 

I can't remember how may gates, enough! As I am the one that has to get out and open and close them, but it's all worth it for the magnificent view once you reach the top.

Here are  few pictures taken up the back of the dam. After couple of scorching days, the weather cooled a little and was just perfect with some wonderful cloud formations and a little breeze. We even found a couple of decent fish.

We did find one disadvantage to owning a white ute, we caused a right ruckus at one of those gates on the way up to the tops as the cows think it's feeding time and we had two herd converging on up as we tried to get through, luckily there was a fallen tree just inside one of the gates that slowed the progress of one lot at least. The noise was deafening. We didn't come home completely unscathed though. On an evening fishing session in the spillway, these inquisitive calves surrounded the ute and managed to chew off all the reflectors on the back. In the end one of us had to stand guard and shoo them away as they seemed intent on ripping off the reversing camera, so I got the camera out and shot some very cute cow pictures.

By the time we left, the jacarandas had all come into flower and that red tree was almost finished. We are still finding red flowers in everything as the cars and boats were parked under it.

I have been busy dyeing and printing and doing an online class or two, so next post will be textile related again :) Till then.