Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday Afternoon on the River

Just a quick post today and a couple of photographs of our relaxing afternoon spent on the river. Now the weather has settled and we are not getting heavy rains, the rivers have slowed and we have been doing some canoeing. Might sound a bit energetic, but believe me, with our little electric motor, we glide silently and effortlessly up the river. I even managed to stuff myself with a packet of chips (crisps) and half a packet of jammy dodgers while fishing, much to Steve's amusement, so much for the healthy great outdoors LOL


Here we are rigging up ready to go, doesn't it look so peaceful.

The young cattle always give us an inquisitive stare as we glide by. 
Thought there was more heads and less bums in the picture.

If you look up on the bank, you will see the fence covered in debris from the last flood.

A little birds nest blown down in the last storm.

A large freshwater muscle, these are about as big as my hand and we have actually caught these on small plastic lures.

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Terrielee said...

Hi Tracy!
*Love* your photos! It looks so serene... Did you save the bird's nest? This is your fellow "Pandora" classmate Terrielee :)! I just read your post and when you said it was hot, I had to see where you lived and... well here I am - discovering your blog! It's wonderful!
I just made a blog too! If you have a moment, I hope you will stop by for a visit! :)
Terrielee :)