Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Over Dyes

I finally got around to doing the Indigo over dyes, with mixed results. It was just too hot to be hanging around in the back yard so the fabric was in and out of the vat much too quickly, so although some came out with a nice over dyed pattern, others are a bit nondescript and  will have to go back for another dip on a cooler day. The chemicals in the indigo vat do alter the original procion dye to a degree, but the indigo definitely adds a new dimension to the fabric.


The weather looks to stay hot for at least another week and I still haven't got to clean up my work room. I'll try and keep the indigo vat active for a while longer and have another go. The shibori pieces on the pole can come out looking very dramatic, if I leave them in long enough LOL 


Wilma said...

I love these fabrics Tracy - am looking for some to take to a workshop ... for sale to participants. I was going to take some commercially printed fabric, but would rather take yours . Are you happy to provide on commission?

The Idaho Beauty said...

I really like the ones wrapped on the pole. Fabulous!