Friday, October 9, 2009

Before and After and a Bit of Wind

The school holidays are flying by and I haven't done a thing on my very long TO DO  list.
I took some photo's of my workspace a few days ago to try and shame myself into tidying up. What with the quilt show, workshops and work, it had become a dumping ground, nothing unusual there, just a bigger dump than usual. I started on Wednesday morning, then went out for a very long and relaxing lunch, and of course, couldn't face it again when I got home -  but this morning finally got it finished. I even dragged the vacum cleaner out there so I could see my hideously ugly green carpet in all it's glory.  Here are some before and after pictures, it never look tidy and the back - back room is storage more than anything as the lighting is none existent so impossible to work in. One day I'll have a nice organised space with lots of posh storage and not a mishmash of old bits I've acquired from here there and everywhere. I bet everyone dreams of their ideal studio, workspace - one day - maybe :)

The weather has been absolutely horrible all holidays, I was supposed to have a day dyeing with one of the ladies that couldn't make our last weekend, but, not a chance, when it's not pouring with rain, it's blowing an absolute gale. Here is a pic looking out of the dinning room window yesterday, I really thought I might loose some serious roofing, but only a few bits of the sun room disappeared.

It was so cold too, more like winter, so I decided to put on the oven and have a good baking session. Here's some biscuits, in last years christmas tin and some cheese and fresh basil scrolls and some rather brown tea cakes, I knew I should have kept the oven at 180 and not 200 as the book said, always go with your gut :)

Earlier in the week I made my first lemon meringue pie from scratch. In the uk they have these nifty little packets that are so easy, but never seen them here. Must admit it was rather delicious. I also harvested all the spinach out of the garden and made some cannelloni with half and froze the other half. I also made Steve's favourite cabbage pie with one from the garden, my brother calls it windy pie, but still wants the recipe, maybe for a bit of revenge LOL.

That's all for now, think I'll go and have a coffee and a biscuit.


Anonymous said...

yummy looking baking - I made some breadrolls for dinner that looked and felt like rocks (i forgot about the second rising time) - the kids ate half of them (not fussy!) at least and the chooks had the rest.

your studio looks *much* tidier!

Wilma said...

Hi Tracy
I love cleaning up my workroom - I find all sorts of great things I have been accumulating. These days I seem to clean up more than I create.... what a worry.
Much more productive to be in the kitchen some days.
hope you remembered the Xmas sale on again this year on 28 November.

Terrielee said...

Hi Tracy!
Oh your pie looks so yummy and I just love your fish runner!!!
Yes I'm going to Marilyn's retreat and am sooooo excited! I'm leaving on the 30th so look for pics on my blog!
Your studio has just a bit of "creative clutter" one might say! ;) Good stuff!!! :) You should see mine! Ack!!! lol!
Did I see a few gourds? Did you grow some? I'm starting to "harvest" my little collection and it is so exciting! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they cure properly!
Terrielee :)