Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Sewing in November!!

This has got to be a first for me, I'm never an organised person, but this year have entered a swap and a competition both at the Quilting Gallery.

Firstly the swap is for christmas inchies, I've made a couple of these a while ago, actually a long time ago but thought it would be fun to enter a christmas swap. Here are my finished inchies.

I have put my little christmas wall hanging in the Holiday Traditions Quilt Contest, this is the first time I have ever put anything like this in a competition, don't know what came over me LOL. This is decided by public votes, so if you have a minute and would like to vote for me, that would be lovely :)

Here are the links for both the swap and competition. If you haven't been to the Quilting Gallery site before, you may be there a while, lots of good stuff to see.

Christmas Swap – Inchie Ornaments

Holiday Traditions Quilt Contest

Able Mable the Painting Table came out after her long winter rest, I used one of the textures pieces I made on Saturday in my inchies. If your wondering who on earth Able Mable is, go back and read this.
As you can see I've also been doing a bit of clearing up in the back yard.

It was good to get out the modelling paste and paint and have a play. Here are the little pieces I ended up with after spending a pleasant hour or so with paintbrush and lots of coffee, I do love weekends when I can enjoy at least 3 leisurely cups in the morning.

Lastly today here are a couple of pictures of a doll I was working on for the Dungog Quilt Show, also done in Christmas Colours, she will be my new christmas ornament for this year, I try and make something for the house each year. She was much admired at the show, which was great and I have a class all signed up for next year which is terrific. She is a wall hanging doll and I have made moulds for her hands and face so that she can be made in a weekend.

I wonder if by mid December I'm still feeling so organised and on top of the whole Christmas thing - very unlikely :)


Gill said...

Wow! such productivity is very impressive!

Love the inchies - I have never made any fabric ones but feel inspired to get going and have a go. did a few paper/card ones with a group earlier in the week and was delighted at how well they turned out.

As for Able Mabel..... ;-)


W00000 HOOOOOO!!!! Christmas stitching! In November! I am impressed :o). I only started mine today!

Have fun
Carolyn xx

RoseMary said...

I love the inches, that I got from you today.
They are hanging on my tree.
Thank You so much for them, I love the colors.
I tried to email you but it came back as an error.
Would love to hear from you.