Sunday, May 24, 2015

Quiltarama Project 2

Today project is made using Liz's Folio pattern
As you can see, there is a theme to my pieces and one big mistake in this piece but I can live with it. I am into recycling, up cycling at the moment so used a cornflakes box to line my folio. The machine had no problem stitching through this, but as we know, paper blunts your scissors, so you can assume it will do the same to your needle so use one that you are ready to replace, or keep a separate needle for the purpose.
All these pieces are made using the fabrics dyed in the pictures posted on 21st with the addition of a bit of stamping and decorative stitching. Don't forget to check out if you would like to come along and dye up your own lovely pile of fabrics.

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