Friday, April 14, 2017

A Progress Report

Don't get excited. There has been no progress on "The Room," wonky eyes and feet are hindering our activities somewhat but we are still moving forward in a hazy hobbling sort if way. Here is a peek at the bedroom which we have been sleeping in for some months now, still very sparse as needs the niceties added but I have a proper wardrobe with doors!

The office has been stripped bare and is undercoated ready for a top coat this afternoon. We have finally found some beautiful wood to make a desk that will be built along the wall under the window. Getting this huge thing in the room will be a bit of a conundrum, thank goodness we made that cutout to let the light through to the hall as that is where it will have to be lifted through.

I dragged my cutter and bits and pieces out from the deep dark back rooms to get ready for the easter egg hunt on Sunday.  It was nice to sit a while and play with paper and glue.
We have had the NBN installed! Didn't expect it to happen for years yet, and of course we broke our old modem a few weeks ago and replaced it with one that is of no use to us at all now!  It all went surprisingly quickly and easily, internet and phone was off for a few hours, plugged in and turned on the new modem and all working perfectly, although not at the speed of light as promised as the fibre only goes to a node in the street somewhere so still copper to the house unless we want to pay hundreds to have it upgraded, it will do for now. The only down side is that my old mac that I use with my cutting machine, and the only one operational at the moment cannot cope with the new system so I get a spinning beach ball if I connect to the internet, thought I had found the problem after doing a search by turning off some ivp6 or something, but after a few minutes of behaving, got the blasted ball again. So any spelling mistakes here are down to  ipad typing error. I have typed most of this twice at least! Till next time.

Computer update, have found more pesky ipv6 thingys so now have a working computer and have managed to spell check.

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Gill said...

Hey Tracy - good to hear from you! And glad the ol' cutting machine is still earning its keep! ;-)

I wasn't sure that the email I had for you is still current, so I'll simply leave a comment here and a link to the egg cosies:

Happy Easter!! x