Friday, May 19, 2017

Finding a bargain on a Friday afternoon

I know it is not cold, but as soon as the evenings start to draw in and it cools off, we light our little wood burner. It make the house so cosy and I do like to cook on it as mych as possible. Last year I had a green kettle that we got from the camping shop, which didnt last long as this year I found lots of rust inside it. So this afternoon we took a quick trip down the road to a shop we had previously seen some nice heavy based kettles in.  I thought the shop had gone, but it has just changed names, the kettles however had.  But we found a very nice copper plate one, half the price of the ones we had seen before and much better made according to Steve. Very happy with our choice we had a quick look around the rest of the kitchen / homeware shelves and found another gem.  For a long time now I have been looking for a cast iron pot that will fit in the small oven in the wood stove, and there sitting on the reduced shelf was a gleaming cherry red Denby pot. Price, just $46 reduced from $170.  I don't take my bag out with me when I shop with Steve so didnt take too much notice when he paid for our bargin finds.  When I did get home and looked at the reciept, this lovely little pot had been reduced further to $33, I love it even more! Now the forcast rain has set in, the fire is lit, a big pot of pumpkin soup and my whistling copper kettle sits on top.  Looking forward to a cosy night in front of the tv and will wrestle with the ever expanding pouf.

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Gill said...

Wow...definitely a bargain! The contents of the red pot will taste all the better for knowing that as well, won't they ;-)

Love the kettle. Whose job will it be to keep it polished then?