Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A good start to the year.

Only half way through January and I have actually finished something!! well I did promise it as a birthday present for a friend, so had to get it done. This is the first time I have used doe suede type fabric, part of my xmas goodie parcel, along with the CD to make this little darling. It's so lovely to work with and sculpts really well. I used teddy bear eyes for this one, the ones with the loops on the back as they can be pulled nice and tight through the head to really set the eyes into the face. The lovely green hair is a piece I bought in the fly fishing section at the local fishing shop and she has lovely matching earring and anklet made from bits of jewellery I have collected over the years.    

With all the new 'stuff' I now have, finding room for it was  nightmare. I have had a good clean up and bought some nifty little plastic draws and boxes in bright colours to store everything away. I just know that for the next few weeks I will be looking for 'stuff' I have tided up and have no idea where it's new spot is.

Well after all the waiting, here is the contents of my parcel that I received in mid December and put away until Christmas morning, how good am I!!! 
With all these new goodies, I should have a very productive holiday. Let's see how many of the ideas I have swimming around in my head will actually come to fruition.

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