Friday, August 1, 2008

Clay Beginnings

After attending a demonstration at my doll club on Polymer clay, I have become fascinated with this product, and bought myself some clay and books in my xmas goodie package. I then got myself a copy of Mareen Carlsons book Fairies, Gnomes & Trolls: Create a Fantasy World in Polymer Clay and just had to try a troll.  This was a huge learning experience for me and like most things, I couldn't stick to the directions in the book and he took off in a slightly different direction.  We were having lots of very wet weather at the time and I think this influenced me greatly in the end result.  He went through a hard time, getting a burnt belly and breaking his legs off more times than I like to remember, but I'm very happy with the way he turned out. The finishing touch will be some lovely fat raindrops sliding down his umbrella.  I was extremely proud and honoured when he was featured on the home page of my favourite yahoo group Beginners Polymer Clay Art Group 

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Sharon-NZ said...

He turned out great, hope my first one turns out as well as that, I have got the book just need to make a start......hehe