Thursday, September 18, 2008

Arthur Rackham Inspirations

I have always admire the work of Arthur Rackham, my Mum bought me a lovely book for my birthday "Arthur Rackham, A life with Illustration". The witches sitting in a tree with their black cat has always been a favourite. Now I know about polymer and apoxy sculpt and all the other wonderful materials available, I am thinking of doing a piece based on this work, once I have completed all the other pieces I have going, and get some time off school to do it, in other words some time in the distant future.
Here are a couple of pictures showing these amazing little witches sitting in twisted trees with their very scary looking cats. One day I might just surprise myself and see this idea actually accomplished


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Carol said...

His work is superb isn't it, do you know if they do a copyright free book of his images, I would love to cover a box for my Grandson, but not sure where to get the images from. I do have a book of fairy tales illustrated by Rackam but not sure if I could use them.