Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finished Phone and itouch covers

Have finally got around to finishing the covers for my new phone and itouch that I started on that stormy Sunday afternoon, weeks ago now. I made some polymer beads to hang from them just to finish them off. I must admit, it's much easier to find my phone in my handbag when it starts ringing now it is in a nice bright cover!! We all know how annoying it is to go delving into your bag, looking for a ringing phone, only to have it stop the minute you find it. I also have to admit that I just love my itouch, not only does my music and all my contacts go everywhere with me, the world clock is great when you have children travelling over seas and the timer is always there for baking your clay, timing your dye pots and all sorts of things. 

1 comment:

Carol said...

Tracy, these are gorgeous just love the colours, think my phone needs a holder I can never find it :)