Sunday, March 29, 2009

12 Month Project Finally Finished

Remember way back when, I told you about a Wendy Froud inspired doll I was making as a group challenge, well here's a reminder

Well she is finally finished. Steve had to work all weekend so I had two whole uninterrupted days to work on her. She will be dancing when I get her stand made, the one she is on is only temporary and doesn't support her too well, hopefully it won't take me another 12 months to get it done. It is so good to be able to finally spend some time back out in my work room, the weather has been glorious so everything dried nice and quick so I could get her finished ........ ummmmmmm what to make next :)


Sprite said...

She came out absolutely beautiful Tracy!!!! I love her! woo hoo! I'm so happy you got a few creative days to finish her :)


Tracy said...

Thanks Sprite
After struggling with her to begin with, I really enjoyed finishing this one, and was so good to get back out to my work room- uninterputed LOL

Daydreamer :) said...

Nice to see you finished your fairyTracy, she came out very nice.

Heather :)