Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Journalising / Diaries

I had to do it at Uni and we make the students at school do it, so why did I stop?
I'm talking about keeping a record of the things that emerge from my work room. Time might be an excuse, but it is so frustrating to go back to a piece and wonder "how did I do that". so I am going to try and start keeping a visual/process diary of some sort again. Inspired by Ro Bruhn's wonderful journal pages, I dug out an old lino cut I made years ago of blackberries, very convenient as my latest piece was inspired by this delicious berry, then stamped and water colour washed some pages.

Now these are no comparison to the beautiful and colourful pages created by Ro, but they gave me a base on which to record my materials and some of the new techniques I tried, Oh I wish I had lovely handwriting! but at least I have something I can look back on when the grey matter refuses to remember.

Today is wet and windy, autumn has finally arrived so I am spending the afternoon making Cornish pasties, and my favourite and nearly healthy carrot and date cake.


Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Tracy, I'm glad you've taken up journaling again, I have so many of them. Thanks for the link too.
Re the reverse garbage, I'm sure there would be something in NSW, we have two here in Vic. This site is for one in Marrickville, but there are probably others

Anonymous said...

this is a great idea (i wish my handwriting was better too). i like the idea of doing it afterwards - makes for a neater entry. i suspect my 'working' journal will end up a complete mess.
ps. i cant remember if I commented now (i meant to) but your doll in fabulous. i like the sound of your nearly healthy cake