Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lots of Dyeing and Tyvek Beads

In my last post I mentioned those two big rolls of cotton fabric. Well I washed and measured and ripped and packed ready for the workshop this weekend, then couldn't resist dyeing some up. Below are my two colour way dyes in oranges, greens and purples, well these particular two primaries don't really produce true purples but a lovely array of brick reds, chestnut and wine colours. I used the photo stitch program on the first pic as I have a rotary clothes line.

Here are all those 1/2 meters washed and ironed, I even remembered to dye up numbered sample pieces so I have reference charts for future dyeing. 

I have recently been following a lovely blog Love Stitching Red in St Ives Cornwall, my former home land, Cornwall that is not St Ives, but only up the road from there. Carolyn posted a really good tutorial on making tyvek beads. I have meters of the not so nice tyvek that has small dots all over it and lots of acrylic paints and metallic threads so spent Sunday afternoon playing. Be warned if you haven't tried this before, you wont want to stop once you start!! Here are the beads I have made - so far, I still have lots of painted up tyvek just waiting to be made into these little delights.

This weekend I will be up at Main Creek with a wonderful group of Ladies, dyeing up a storm. I will post some pics next week, fingers crossed for good weather, dyeing is so much more fun when the sun shines.


Wilma said...

Hi Tracy
Agree that tyvek is addictive - great colours . Have a great time on the weekend - will try to catch up with you soon.

Anonymous said...

great fabrics you've dyed. and the tyvek beads look great. where did you get the tyvek?


What an absolutely wonderful post!! Your fabrics are such gorgeous vibrant colours I really love. Your beads have come out wonderful too and I love the way everyone's beads come out slightly different - so unique, so personal, so one of a kind!!! Great!!

You will not be missing the weather we are having in Cornwall at the moment!!! Torrential rain, flooding and stormy winds. There was bad flooding in St. Ives, several shops got flooded out and are now closed due to water damage and a car was sucked down a river at Zennor, all lives lost, so very tragic!!!

Have a great weekend Tracy, I will add you to my blog buddy list

Virtual hugs, Carolyn xx