Thursday, May 14, 2009

Surprise Parcel, Dragon Head and a Dyeing Retreat

I can't believe nearly two weeks have gone by since my last post, or it could be longer!!
I have now got the new DSL2 internet connection and WOW how much quicker do the pictures download to the blog. I used to walk away and make a coffee, now there there within seconds.
I seem to have had a busy couple of weeks, but very little to show for it, well I did work a full week so I suppose that could be classed as productive :)
I came home yesterday to find an unexpected parcel sitting on my door step, I love parcels and unexpected ones are better still. This one was from my Mum and just look at all the lovely things she sent me. The earrings are from a jewellers in Truro which my daughter has fallen in love with while she has been visiting over there, and apparently has spent some of her hard earned cash there. The stones in them don't show up in the photo, but are just beautiful. The lovely square topaz ring is one of Mum's that she has passed on, I remember it so well from when I was younger. There is also a glasses case for my new, never to leave the house glasses, which have had to have the frames replaced by the way!! and an assortment of fabrics, beads ribbons and wire and some belated Easter chocolate oh and a lovely polymer clay plaque. The piece of fabric at the front is silk that Mum batiked at a workshop she went to recently, the colours are so vibrant. 

While I was at school last week I managed to put some nice under-glazes and shiny clear glaze on my little dragon head. I still haven't started the sculpture that I intend to use him in, still collecting fabrics and bits and pieces, but getting closer to actually doing something.

In my last post I mentioned I was off to Main Creek with the Patch Happy Quilters to do a Dye and Quilt workshop. Here are a few pictures from the weekend. The weather was perfect for dyeing and the results were stunning. All the ladies done a wonderful job as this was the first time they had done any hand dyeing. 
Preparing the Dyes

Dyed pieces in the afternoon sun

Trimming ready to quilt

Some of the finished quilts.
To see more pictures and quilts visit the new Main Creek blog.


Anonymous said...

lucky you! the quilts look great. im going to try my hand at dyeing today, i hope


What a very thoughtful mummy you have! The parcel looks wonderful. I love the fabric your mum has batiked and I love the fabrics you have been preparing. All so vibrant. Look forward to the next post ...

Have a very happy week!
Greetings from Cornwall
Carolyn x

Wilma said...

Hi Tracy
I have just noticed that on the right hand side where you have blog sites you follow , mine comes up as the latest post being a week ago... I have posted since then. Have your settings changed? Or is there something wrong at my end?


Hi Tracy, me again!

Just wanted to say I'm having a giveaway over on my blog - ends Sunday 31st May if you are interested please join in ...

Everyone welcome!