Monday, September 14, 2009

Dungog Quilt Show

I have just spent a lovely weekend up at the Dungog Quilt Show, meeting up with some now familiar faces and meeting lots of new ones. It's nice to know that people are coming back to stock up on their hand dyed fabrics and threads. It was a beautiful, sunny weekend with lots to see and do in Dungog, with a travelling quilt exhibition and art show in town too. It was also good to meet with the winner of last years raffle prize, a $200 voucher for a weekend retreat, she will be attending the new Doll making workshop next March which I am really looking forward too.
Here are a couple of pictures of my very bright stall.

Main Creek is looking absolutely beautiful, with all the usual spring happening, Marions wisteria is stunning and full of blue bees which I had never seen before. The chickens have outdone themselves this year and there are little fluff balls all over the place. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to take any photo's, but lucky ol me will be back up there in two weeks time for a dyeing workshop and hopefully it will be just as lovely and I will make sure I take some pictures. I have also got to remember to take appropriate clothing for cow pooh collecting for my garden. I did come home with two bags of premium chook pooh in the back of the ute, ready for the veggie patch.
I don't think my gourd seeds are going to germinate, I have put some on wet paper towel in a plastic bag to form a mini greenhouse, but they show no sign of doing anything, I think they are just too old, luckily I can buy some new seeds locally if these don't work.