Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back from Beyond

Well I am back from a wonderful trip, refreshed, rejuvenated and more importantly back out in my studio, with a hundred and one ideas flowing through my brain which will hopefully soon to come to fruition.
I am starting here where I left off last time, back in the garden. Today is the first day of spring, so gardening is going to take up some of my time over the next few weeks. I have made a spot for my big black tub and planted the gourd seeds that I saved from that beautifully shaped gourd I used for Pandora, in the hope that the seeds will produce the same beautifully shaped gourds. Very boring picture I know, but I'm hoping that by the end of the summer I will be able to show you garden shed covered in amazingly "beautiful gourds". Fingers crossed.

My spinach and cabbages done there thing while we were away, we've had some delicious spinach inspired dinners already with plenty more to come, how much spinach can a person eat before they get sick of it? I think I'm about to find out LOL, and I have finally got some good stuff into the other end of the garden ready for my summer veg, which I hope to get this weekend.

While we were out trying to find Organoil for our outdoor furniture, I came across a lovely little shop selling "collectables". Everything was half price and I couldn't resist this old shopping basket, a steal at $14 I think. I'm imaging this full of my home grown veggies, ideal for collecting dinner in. It's sitting on my nice new table, as now the weather is warming up, on those mornings when I don't have to rush off to work, I can sit with my morning coffee and toast and watch everything grow.

That's it for now, holiday pics to follow but my alarms gone off and I have two heads and two sets of hands in the oven. If they work out as I'm hoping, I might actually get to post pictures of what this blog was originally about - textile stuff - but variety is the spice of life:)

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Hello Tracy, welcome back, you were missed!

I enjoy following your gardening tales. I find it so strange though that you are just beginning your spring as we are approaching autumn. I find it hard to get my head round that! I love gourds. I just bought some in the greengrocers last week for display for the season and to photograph (not done it yet) and as a muse for some stitched work

Sending you best wishes,
Carolyn ♥