Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A quick project using Goldens and Stuff

It has been hectic here and there are things I should be doing that aren't getting done but while having a coffee break the other day I came across this amazing person on you tube and after watching her mixed media bottle project thought "I have all that stuff out the back" so of course once the seed had been planted, I just had to go and have a try. 

 I have this old jar of brushes on my sculpting table which is a bit ordinary to say the least so this became my object for "the treatment"

I went looking for the mould I knew I had of the faces Rachel used, then thought, hang on I have a box of polymer clay bits with some faces I burnt earlier. There was also a pair of hands from a long abandoned project. The brain kept churning and I thought I might use some of the moulded paper pieces I have stashed away too and why not see what is left in the little blue box full of paper and card pieces from when I had my Cougar up and running for that brief period of time. So I ended up with the collection above and went about randomly chucking them at my pot.

Looks pretty ugly

Then the really fun part started when I added layers of different paints and medium.

Here is my finished pot, much more interesting than the empty coffee jar I started with.

All the different pieces really added some lovely texture.

And here is some of the "stuff" I used

You can watch the You tube video yourself and make sure you check out some of the wonderful things Rachel does. She also has a fascinating looking blog which I haven't had time to look at yet, that will have to wait for another day. Now I really must get back to the stuff I should be doing, my play time is over for now.


Shoshi said...

Wow Tracy, this is simply stunning. I love Rachel's work and always find it inspiring. I must start transforming some of my storage stuff and beautify it like this. Well done indeedy, and thanks for a feast for tired eyes on a Tuesday morning lol!!


Shoshi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Tracy, and for your nice comment. Yes, lots of upcycling! I think Golden mediums are simply the best - amazing stuff which makes everything possible!

I am sure you are right, and the time will fly, but it's a bit frustrating being at the mercy of solicitors who won't get on with things. Ours is chasing for the answer to a final enquiry and then we can exchange contracts and actually get on with the purchase. I've been without my stuff for so long now that I can't wait to have my new ARTHaven - what fun I shall have planning it all!