Monday, May 13, 2013

Dyed Journal Covers.

I spent a lovely Saturday at Thorpes in Hunter Street presenting a dyed journal cover workshop.  The ladies dyed up some beautiful fabrics then added their own stamped designs. I love to see each individuals approach to using these stamps, the combinations and patterns they produce never cease to amaze me
 Here is the lovely Patricia waiting patiently while the dye does it thing.
You can find Patricia's blog here to read more about the day.

The vibrant fabric that came from the pots.

Then comes the fun but messy business of stamping.

Finally all those scrumptious pieces of fabric get cut up to make journal covers.

This is as far as we got on the day, far enough that they could be finished at home with some added embellishment if needed.

And here is Ceryll's finished journal cover

I must thank Cheryll for these photographs as I did not take a camera with me!
You can find her blog here, with lots to read and see.
Thank you to all the ladies that attended, I hope you had as much fun as I did.


Cheryll said...

Your workshop was very enjoyable. Thanks so much! :)

Too many eggs said...

it was a fabulous day, i can't wait to go to a weekend workshop

Gill said...

Gorgeous, rich colours! Love it! Sounds like it was a grand day. I'd have been thrilled to take home something so beautiful.

Shoshi said...

Wow, Tracy, love the colours and the stamping. Coloricious here in the UK do courses like this, and have lots of Youtube videos. I love the beautiful journal cover, too. Great work!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Yes, only a week to go until the builders are there full-time and I expect they'll finish my ARTHaven pretty quickly, and then I'll be unpacking my boxes! I'm sooo excited about this new start!