Thursday, October 9, 2008

FME Lace

I have been wondering for a while if I could make lace using Free motion, and well, yes you can as long as you don't want it to look like mass produced lace, which would be silly really, cos you can just go down the road and buy it!! I wanted something to go around the inside edge of my gourd so made up a length of solvy about 80 cms long and four layers thick to give it a bit of substance. I used a couple of the pre - programmed embroidery stitches on my machine to make the top part, then hand drew the leaves hanging down underneath. I'm happy with this piece, it has a lace type look about it, but is very irregular and more organic sort of looking. It will do just great for it's intended purpose. I'm sure you can make perfect looking lace with a proper embroidery machine, but it was not what I was trying to achieve, so all good :)

I was having a look on Louise's, face book the other day and came across this photo, it is a project she had to do when doing her Graphic's Diploma. This page set up was done by her friend, but I love this picture of her, and miss her while she is on her travels. She was my colour advisor, now I have to get her on skype and hold the bits up to the camera for her to see, not quite the same, but will have to do:)
This will be my last post for a while as about to embark on another fishing trip up North, hopefully have lots of photo's when we return.


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Wilma said...

Hi Tracy
Just added you to my blog list.
Hope to catch up with you sometime. regards, Wilma