Friday, October 3, 2008

A Hot and Windy Day

I really don't like this hot windy weather!! Don't seem to get much done :( , but I did manage to spend an hour or so on the sewing machine making more leaves for my Seven Sins piece. Put away the fabric mover and went back to a hoop, so much easier and really felt like I was painting with threads, was actually quite relaxing.
So here is another picture showing a wider variety of colours, getting there, but still more to do, these haven't had the powertex on them yet, I will wait until they are all made and do them together. 

My sage has gone to flower, looks lovely, but no doubt this is the sign of it's end, will have to get some more so I have plenty for the Christmas sausage rolls. My leeks and beans are going really well, looks like beans for dinner tomorrow as there are some ready for the picking.


My new book, James Christensen's, "The Journey on the Imagination" came the other day and I have only had a quick glance through it, but it has sparked my imagination all right, and my next sculpt has been born :) I bought this little gourd at Morpeth a month or so ago, and the little clay dragon head is what is left of a relief tile I made with year 7's. The poor thing didn't make it through firing so I broke off the head and threw the rest. I have big plans for these two little piece's.

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Sprite said...

Tracy, your leaves are wonderful! Your really trying to tempt me with learning that scary machine aren't you! Those will look wonderful on your piece.

Can't wait to see what you make out of the gourd and dragon head :)

Big hugs,