Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The End of One and the Beginning of the Next

A quick update on the last couple of months. We finally got away from the house renovations for a weekend and went to Bungonia National Park and Caves. It was pretty hot and very dry but oh so good to get a way for a few days and have a change of scenery.

 I planted up my veggie bed on the 29th October, I only know this as the photo has the date on it, I have a hard job knowing what day of the week it is! I always have a laugh at the back of the seed packets when it says harvest in 4 -6 weeks or whatever. I always think it will take much longer.

But here is the garden today, some of the veggies are nearly done, going to seed in fact. The cucumbers have gone mad and I have them coming out of my ears. Have made some bread and butter cucumbers already and will make some cucumber relish today (maybe).
I have very interesting shaped lettuces as every now and then, I weaken and let the girls out of their end of the garden for a roam. They head straight for the lettuce and give them a severe haircut.

 I managed to persuade Steve that a blackcat was a MUST HAVE item so had an early christmas present. Isn't it a splendid looking beast. For christmas day christmas, if you get me, got some big mats and extension tables to add to it's amazing cutting abilities.

 I made biscotti for christmas presents again this year, but with the help of the cat, gave them some special wrapping, a bit better than the usual cellophane tied with ribbon.

Yesterday we spent a lovely afternoon up the river. My daughter and partner got themselves a boat this year so now we can all go out together. There were plenty of small bass around to keep us entertained for the afternoon, but it was just nice to be out in such beautiful surroundings.

With the festive season and birthdays all but over, it is now back to some hard graft on the house. My lovely new cat and the printer I had for my birthday will be packed away while we build the office. Hopefully the laundry will be done asap as getting a bit sick of hand washing now, my poor old machine in the garage gave up a few weeks before christmas, and although I have a new machine sitting in its box, it needs a place to go before I can use it. As tempted as I sometimes am to put it in the garage, I will be patient and pretend that hand washing is a pleasing mediative sort of activity, HA.

This year my resolution was to make no resolutions. I have decided not to make grand plans and try and organise so much to be done in a day, but start each day with a general idea of what I might get done and be content with what I achieve, hence the maybe with my relish making.

I have joined  Tag Tuesday  it will be interesting to see how many tags I manage to achieve in between building but I will give it a go. I have the first one ready so thats got to be a good start!

Wishing those that visit here a wonderful year.

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