Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snow Games and a Present

Here is my second tag for Tag Tuesday, the theme was snow games and it was a good excuse to get out to my work room and use my sewing machine for the first time in what seems ages. I am really enjoying the challenge of making a tag each week, it's not a huge project and allows you to have a play with new materials or techniques. I already have next weeks planned and may even start it today!

The last few days I have been waging war with some Indian Myna birds that have been treating the chickens coop like a drive through, or fly through restaurant. It started off with a pair of them, which I could put up with, then, of course they had babies, three! The other morning I walked out there and word must have got around to the aunts, uncles and cousins as there must have been a dozen off them, poor chooks didn't know what way to turn. They were managing to get through nearly a whole feeder full of pellets too. So I dragged out the bird netting I bought for the garden and with a bit of imaginative tying and stringing, think I have defeated them. A couple snuck in, but haven't been back since they realised how difficult it was to leave again, with me hot on their tail shouting and waving my arms around like a mad women. So the poor chooks must feel like they are in Colditz.

The veggie garden has had a bit of a clear out, the cucumbers were just out of control and taking over everything so I've pulled all but one out. Those great big white things are supposed to be German pickling cucumbers! I was expecting something small and GREEN and the green ones are supposed to be lebanese, but there almost definitely your common garden variety, covered in prickles and full of big seeds. Heres just a few jars of pickles, but really how many can you eat! The girls have had a bit more liberation this week and have enjoyed digging up what is left and finishing off the lettuce. I will have to get stuck into it and plant up some more stuff, but not to day, it's too hot!

Finally, my Christmas present from my Mum arrived yesterday, she always sends such lovely things and this year I received two beautiful pendants. Thanks Mum :)


The Idaho Beauty said...

I am so impressed with your tag! Winter scenes are one of the hardest I think for quilters to depict but you have done a fabulous job.

Connie said...

Lovely to find your blog, via TAG TUESDAY.
I am constantly inspired to find talented people with similar interests to me, despite living in very different places and most often being much younger than me (I'm 76).
I spend many hours at home as I have had mobility problems for some years - but soon I'm having a spinal op which should improve things. I am so lucky to have a lovely husband, family, and friends, and in recent years I have added many more friends through on line crafting projects and internet - I still struggle with posting, uploading and such, but just about manage! LOL.
Your Winter Sports tag is my favourite of all I've seen - I just love effective stitching - many thanks for sharing it.
Please don't feel a need to reply - I know how time consuming replies become and appreciate that others have far more to do than I have!
Best wishes, I'll be looking out for more of your tags, Connie, UK

Gill said...

Oh my, never a dull moment for the chooks then?! I have "a thing" about birds so would have been driven indoors by those pesky Myna birds too - bravo Tracy for taking control!!

Lovely tag - how's the cheetah going?

Jenxo said...

i found your blog thru tag tuesday too,and with a name like transient tracy i just had to come and investigate and your from Oz too !!! loved your tag, just gorgeous....