Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Micro Shuffle

My life is a continuous shuffle at the moment, we are forever moving stuff from one place to another so we can proceed with the renovations, which jump from one part of the house to another. I seem to be forever trying to fit the same amount of stuff into an ever decreasing space, so yes a lot of it goes into my work rooms.
After my frustrating hunt for the red and purple beads the other day, I decided to apply the same principal to some of my stuff. All my ribbons, lace, braids and beads were scattered among the pile of containers and boxes you see below, which were scattered in different cupboards and shelves.

 So I armed myself with a stack of zip top bags and set to sorting it all out into colours and managed to condense it to this. The black box is what I now get my fruit and veg in as I have become a very happy Aussie Farmers Direct customer, so now I will get one of these a week and I'm sure I can put them to good use before I have to start recycling them.

 The black box is full of all the bags you see below, each big bag contains a smaller bag full of beads etc. and there is plenty of room to add more if need be.
The red tin contains all the used jewellery my friends have kindly donated to be "upcycled" as Wilma so nicely put it on Tag Tuesday and the little japanese box contains "special" bits

I have always organised my stuff according to type, ie ribbons, lace braids, bead etc. never by colour, which when you think about it, makes much more sense. Maybe I will end up with a black box for each colour and put a larger collection of stuff into each. I will have to cover those lovely yellow lids though!

Ok time for a coffee and then onto my Tag for Tuesday.

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