Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tag Tuesday - Snow

Well I managed the first Tag Tuesday, because I had made this tag just before christmas to test out the new cat. The theme was snow so this one was just fine as it is all frosty and snowflakes. I will try and get into my workroom for the next one which is Snow Sports and Games. It's a little hard to get into the real spirit of this one as our weather has finally decided to be summer like, in fact the sun has shone for 3 whole days and it is starting to get HOT. After a very cool start to summer here, the weather people are now saying we are in for a scorcher, can't wait! am not a fan of the heat, particularly as we don't have an air con yet.

Go and have a look at all the wonderful tags at Tag Tuesday, they are all absolutely brilliant.
I'm off to make a birthday cake before it gets too hot to put the oven on.

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*Jellie* said...

This is a beautiful tag. The cutting with your cat is great!