Friday, August 1, 2008

Fishing Trip

Last school holidays we headed north for a fishing trip to Lake Awonga and Cania Gorge Dam. With the recent rains both dams had risen and we were hoping for some good fishing.  This trip turned out to be the best one yet, with fish feeding right in the shallows of the rising water. We fished surface poppers and fly for a whole week, right through the day and would go back to the cottage leaving fish still on the chew. The weather was perfect, and the fishing unbelievable, was very hard to pack up and go home. 

Steve's big bass from Cania
The drive from Awonga to Cania through Many Peaks.
Another nice Bass from Cania
Fly fishing in perfect conditions at Cania
Yes, another Cania bass
Saratoga caught on Steve's own fly pattern
View of Cania from the lookout.
Looking over the dam wall.
Looking through the quarry, the water hasn't been this high for years!!
Evening on Lake Awonga

Perfect conditions at Lake Awonga
An amazing sky on the drive home.

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Great Pictures...
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