Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Something from Nothing

Sunday Afternoon Ramblings. 
Sunday afternoon and still cold and windy, and I should be working on a quilt, but got the urge to get out some of the paints and angelina I bought for Christmas and haven't had a chance to play with yet.  I have finally got myself a mobile phone and itouch, so fancy making some nice covers for them both. During the week I squared up the Chaos Theory  quilt squares and ended up with a pile of scrapes that were just too nice to throw away. I used these scraps as the base of my mixed media piece fusing them to some timtex with vlisofix. I have a large tile on my worktable that I use for my clay work, but it also make a wonderful surface to take mono prints from.  I used some lumiere paints and mica powders on the tile then took a print using a nappy liner. After patting down the liner I noticed I had a lovely glittery hand that look so nice. I rushed in to get the camera, noticing that there was a bit of a storm coming and the washing was out of course. Took me a while to work out how to take a picture of my own hand, need two for this, but then remembered the timer on the camera, all the while the sky is getting darker. After finally getting a picture of my hand, I laid a piece of calico on the tile and cleaned it up keeping my hand nice and flat, and like magic had a great print of my hand in all the lovely glittery blue paint. 

Approaching weather, doesn't look much, but did it rain!! and just managed to get the photos taken of my dirty hand before it started

The camera doesn't pick up all the lovely colours.

Love this print and sure I'll use it in some future project

The mono print that started it all. didn't even use it for the piece I was planning to do. Again the camera hasn't picked up the colours very well.

The fabric strips have been stamped, covered with angelina and some shapes cut from silk rods added to the surface.

More angelina has been added and machine stitching done all over the surface. Photos to follow of the finished phone and itouch covers.

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