Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WF Project

I have joined a group project to complete a Wendy Froud inspired fairy. This will be my first attempt at a sculpture that is more realistic and I'm sure will be a challenge. After much thought, the character I would like this doll to take has become quite clear to me, I have collected some lovely silk fabric which I will hand dye and lots of beads and other embellishments, now i just have to find the time to complete her!!
After many many attempts, far more than I care to remember I finally have a head and torso done. The facial expression is very close to what I envisioned for this character, so hopefully she won't take off in a completely different direction. The neck is a bit long, but looking at the armature, so are her arm and legs, so hopefully this will give her a long and graceful figure


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Sharon-NZ said...

wow, how good is that.....she is fantastic cant wait to see how she turns out.....thanks for the comments on the blog, will remember to watch the wee oven....